Our software is cloud based, meaning the information is stored in data centers. All of our data centers are here in the US and most have military grade security, along with state of the art technology and encryption.
From the day you sign up to the day your account is ready to use, the turnaround time is between 2-3 business days.
No. Cloud Agency Management Software is a month to month subscription based service which you can cancel at anytime.
There are many reasons why all successful businesses use some sort of management systems. The top 4 are Productivity, Efficiency, Accounting and Marketing.
Cloud Agency Management Software features include but is not limited to Real time updates, Accounts Reconciliation, Unlimited online storage, Direct text and E-mails and Acord forms as well as a variety of features that were purposefully made to make insurance agencies in being more efficient while being affordable.
There is a installation fee of $149 for our services but it comes with a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed period. Which means if within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with Cloud Agency Management Software, we will gladly refund you the installation fee ($149) and the monthly fee is never charged.
The only requirements that Cloud Agency Management Software needs in order to work are an Internet connection and a working computer.
After the initial enrollment, please allow 1-3 days for the development team to setup your account. Your log-in credentials will be emailed to you along with your personal URL log-in page. Once you receive this email, you go to your personal URL website to log-in, and you are ready to start using Cloud.
Cloud Agency Management Software allows you to have as many users as you would like and the cost will remain the same.